How Our City Works

Ikon_city_setting A City Built for Kids Run by Kids

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KidZania is powered by kids taking on various roles & responsibilities throughout the city.

When you arrive at KidZania, you will find yourself at our Airport check-in area. When you check in, you and your kids will each receive an RFID security bracelet with real-time location tracking. Kids also receive complimentary kidZos, KidZania’s currency which your kids can earn, spend, save or invest.

Once inside, kids can independently explore the city and take part in the experiences they choose. There are many professions to choose from. To exercise independence for all the kids visiting KidZania, many of the experiences are for kids only.

At KidZania parents can enjoy passive participation, watching their little ones be empowered to make their own choices. We have other establishments that offer parent involvement such as the interactive restaurant, being an audience in the TV Studio and more...creating the ideal balance between independent play and quality family time.


Kids independently role-play authentic professions such as:




Fire Fighter

News Anchor




Police Officer



And Businesses and Industries including:


Aviation Academy


Dental Clinic

Eye Care Center

Fire Station


Podcast Studio


Sports Training Center


TV Studio


Experiences range between 20 to 30 minutes. An average of 6 to 10 activities can be completed during your visit, depending on the experiences you choose from the various industries and parts of the city.


KidZania also has great dining options and interactive restaurants such as Pie Five Pizza, MOOYAH Burger, Fries & Shakes, 7-Eleven and more, where cash and credit cards are accepted.   


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