Roleplay Field Trips

Curriculum Alignment

Detailed pre- and post-visit lesson plans provided


Enhanced Learning

Self-initiated, self-directed and self-sustained


Inclusive Accessibility

Inclusive and accessible to kids of all abilities


Full STEAM Ahead

STEAM-aligned learning  experiences and professions


Immersive Activities

Active, hands-on play for a wide range of ages


Committed to Safety

Comprehensive RFID technology system keeps everyone safe so students can explore freely


Indoor Environment

Completely covered for fun in any weather



Today’s kids need to develop various skills, including social and emotional competencies, in order to navigate complex life and future work environments. KidZania’s hyper-real world experiential learning platform provides essential life and career skills, such as:

Financial, Economic, Business, and Entrepreneurial Literacy

Productivity and Responsibility

Initiative and Self-Direction

Social and Emotional Skills

Leadership and Accountability

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


Teachers and schools around the world place KidZania at the top of the list for out-of-classroom school visits!


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