Preventive Measures at KidZania in Frisco, TX

Welcoming You Back to KidZania USA

Beginning Tuesday, June 1, 2021, masks are no longer a requirement for KidZania visitors. We encourage our guests to wear them, but that remains within their personal discretion. Our team members will still be required to wear masks until further notice.

In addition, we established extra measures of sanitation, including easily accessible hand-cleaning stations for our visitors and staff members. Our cleaning crew is using a low-allergy hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution to continuously clean all surfaces, including those in high-traffic areas. In addition, a more thorough cleaning process takes place every night after the park closes and before opening.


Children are asked to use hand sanitizer prior to and after each activity at KidZania.


Finally, KidZania will see a reduced number of visitors per day to ensure compliance with social distancing. The activities (professions) at the park are adjusted to provide for proper space, and all high-traffic areas are marked appropriately.


We are confident that together we can keep each other safe and healthy.


KidZania – Get Ready for a Better World!